Top 3 Accessoire Nike Femme – Bonnets femme

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1. Nike

Noir, Nike SB Skate Fisherman Bonnet, taille unique

Nike - Logo nike sb brodé sur la manche. Le fil tricoté offre un toucher doux et chaud. Le design non structuré à revers s'adapte à votre tête. 100 % acrylique. Lavage à la main.

2. Nike

Nike Cache-cou en polaire 2.0 bleu obsidienne

Nike - Polaire douce et légère qui vous aide à rester au chaud. 100 % polyester. Coutures plates pour minimiser les distractions.
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3. Nike

Black/White, Leggings Femme, S, Nike W NSW ESSNTL LGGNG Swoosh Mr

Nike - Nike is one of the most important lifestyle brands that gave popular culture its style and established what is known to be 'cool '. Hose. It is hard to believe that the brand was once founded in the boot of a car. This car was owned by phil knight, who together with Bill Bowerman was looking for the perfect running shoe, which aimed to combine lightness and durability. Fermeture: Enfiler. From this vision, the visionary behind the label with the 'Swoosh', a number of classic trainers evolved - many of whose originals are. Lavage en machine.
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